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First Thoughts on the “Wow” Pick That Is Sarah Palin

Five quick thoughts on Sarah Palin, probably the only pick McCain could make who could simultaneously appeal to Hillary supporters who think sexism cost her the nomination, and consolidate large swaths of the conservative base.

1. As mentioned below, Palin killed the Bridge to Nowhere. This is a reform ticket, and the “more of the same” charge looks even less plausible now.
2. She doesn’t just talk the pro-life line; she lives it by choosing to carry to term her child with Downs’ Syndrome. Consider the social conservative base consolidated.
3. The Democrats want to question her experience? She’s spent more time running and managing a bigger institution than anybody on their ticket has. No party ticket offered an all-experience ticket. The question is, if you think experience is important, would you rather have it as at the top of the ticket or at the bottom?
4. In the debate, guns will come up. Biden thought the guy who called his gun “his baby” has problems. She’s an NRA favorite.
5. Do I have to be the first to say it? She’s gorgeous. Stunning. A jaw-dropping knockout. This will inevitably cause some Democrat to call her a bimbo (remember how Jeri Thompson was treated by those jerks at MSNBC). That will backfire enormously. In some places in this world, women still encounter sexism and condescension. (“Hold on a second, sweetie.”) Attractive women encounter it and sometimes get it even worse, the idea that if you look good, you can’t have a brain in your head. The Democrats will be playing with fire every time one of their surrogates or friendly commentators go on the cable news shows…
For what it’s worth, most of my readers are going bonkers. They love the pick.
A moment ago, on CNN:
John Roberts: She has a child with Down’s Syndrome, and care for children like that can take a lot of time. Is there any concern about the balance of that?
Dana Bash: The McCain camp is probably wondering if she were a man, whether you would be asking the same question.
UPDATE: The Jets get Favre and McCain picks Palin. Best year ever! 


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