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A Flaw in Fred’s Latest Jab at Huck

Thompson points out that Huckabee refused to take a tax pledge on Russert’s show earlier in the year. “Then when the pressure got to him, he did.”

The only problem in that jab is that conservatives DO want politicians to feel the pressure and sign no-tax-increase pledges.
You can imagine Grover Norquist saying, “Pssst! Fred! That’s the point!”
Huck: Senator Thompson, I appreciate Congress passing welfare reform, but it was up to the governors to make it work.
Rudy, with one of the more forced jokes of the night: “The change the Democrats are talking about, is that they want to take the change out of your pocket.” Groooan.
Huckabee jabs at Carl Cameron for asking him yet another question about religion. “If we’re going to turn this into a sermon, let me pass the collection plate, because my campaign could use it.”
He gets major applause for “I’m a Christian, and I’m not ashamed of it.”
Cameron asks Paul about his electoral chances, and it’s something of a wasted question. No question on his old newsletter?


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