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Florida Democratic Candidate Ted Deutch Takes Aim at the Tea Parties

The next special House election is 33 days away. And the Democrat who’s favored to win this seat, Ted Deutch, has set his eyes on his opponent: The Tea Party movement!

As the April 13 special election approaches to replace former Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler in Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 19, Democrat Ted Deutch’s campaign has sent a mailer to voters in the heavily Democratic district warning that “Republicans & The Tea Party Want To Capture YOUR Congressional Seat!”

The four-page glossy brochure features unflattering pictures of former Vice President Dick Cheney, 2008 Republican veep nominee Sarah Palin and a tea bag with a large red X through them. Inside, the mailer features a statement from Wexler lamenting the Dems’ “heartbreaking” loss to Brown in Massachusetts and says “We cannot let the Republicans take our district as well.”

The South Florida Tea Party has said it plans to make a national statement in the special election. But the group recently decided not to endorse any candidate in the race between Deutch, Republican Ed Lynch and no-party candidate Jim McCormick.

A big red “X” over a tea bag? Hey, according to Michael Barone’s Almanac of American Politics, this district has a lot of elderly; 26.5 percent of registered voters are age 65 or older. I’ll bet there are a lot of little old ladies seeing this and asking, “What’s he got against tea?”