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Forget Whatever You Heard About Dean, Sebelius, and Brownback

I had raised an eyebrow on the huge allegations in this rumor suggesting that Kansas Gov. Sebelius had confirmed serious wrongdoing, in collusion with Howard Dean, in a conversation with Kansas Senator Sam Brownback… but Brownback’s people have said there’s nothing to it. The DNC and Sebelius have also offered blanket denials. The word from Brownback’s campaign:

“While we cannot speak to the substance of or motivation behind these comments, we can definitively say that the portions of the story which relate to the purported conversation with Senator Brownback are *false*. No such conversation, nor any like it, ever took place between Governor Sebelius and Senator Brownback.”

The gentlemen on the radio show who first mentioned this story may want to consider naming their source, since it appears the story is bunk.


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