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Fox News Covers ‘SWATting’ Harassment Phenomenon

Fox News covers the ‘SWAT’ting of RedState blogger/CNN contributor Erick Erickson before CNN does.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comBut as our old friend Andrew Stiles observed, “Say what you will about CNN, they are actually reporting on Syria right now. Meanwhile, MSNBC is doing a roundtable on TRUMPGATE 2012!”

While the SWATting is coming to our attention in the cases of Erickson, Patterico, etc., apparently this is not a new phenomenon. This report from the Salinas, California NBC affiliate from 2007 refers to SWATting as “a new cyber-crime hitting cities all across the country, fake 911 calls are put out, using computers with the goal of getting police to send out a SWAT unit.” A Washington state teen allegedly did this hundreds of times.

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