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Freudenthalian Analysis

The Republican Governors Association today issued the following statement regarding the announcement that Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal will retire rather than challenge state law prohibiting his possible run for re-election. RGA spokesman Tim Murtaugh:

Washington, D.C. Democrats had high hopes that Dave Freudenthal would run for another term, which would have required him to challenge state law and overturn the will of the people of Wyoming.  His decision further indicates that national Democrats are out of touch with real people, including those in the Cowboy State.

Freudenthal is the latest in an increasingly long line of Democratic governors declining to seek re-election, which means Wyoming now becomes a prime pick-up opportunity for us. The scary thing for Democrats is that incumbent governors in Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland and Iowa are far worse positioned than Freudenthal was.

I know what you’re thinking; how does the home state of Dick Cheney end up with a Democratic governor? A flawed opponent in a good year for Democrats . . .