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Fund on Huckabee: If He Resembles Anything, It’s Harriet Miers

A rival of Mike Huckabee is gleefully sending around this interview between John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Tucker Carlson. Key quote:

FUND: Well, he is a populist reminds me of a lot of populists who happen to be from that part of the country. In fact if he resembles anything, Tucker, it’s Harriet Miers who was a clear social conservative when Bush appointed her to the Supreme Court but turned out to have very liberal views on lot of economic and other issues.

If you can’t get enough Huckabee fights, check out Byron’s article and Joe Carter’s defense of Huckabee from the Club for Growth.
I have to admit, I’m not quite persuaded by contentions that “CFG are tax radicals that believe that such entitlements as education and highways should be done away with”, and the repeated defense that “because 89¢ of every general revenue tax dollar in Arkansas is spent on education, health, and human services, repealing that sales tax without instituting another tax would have required cutting needed services.” Really? Nothing could be cut in those areas?

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