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Gallup Polls Democrats on Feelings About Hillary, Obama, Edwards

Gallup asked 504 Democrats and Democratic leaners to compare their assessments of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama.
Best Public Speaker? Clinton 41, Edwards 11, Obama 44. (Closer than I thought.)
Most likeable? Clinton 31, Edwards 24, Obama 41.
Most qualified? Clinton 61, Edwards 21, Obama 13.
(Does this mean we’ll see the “Obama’s a good and likeable man, but not qualified to be president” charge coming from the Hillary campaign?)
Best chance to beat the Republican? Hillary 44, Edwards 27, Obama 21.
(Way lower than I expected for Obama.)
Would perform the best in debates? Hillary 57, Edwards 10, Obama 29.
Best in a crisis? Hillary 54, Edwards 20, Obama 20.         
Is the strongest leader? Hillary 59, Edwards 15, Obama 22.
In most of these categories, Hillary performs much better than I expected, and Obama underperforms.


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