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General Concern on Afghanistan?

On this morning’s Washington Times radio program, Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) offered a cautionary prediction:

John McCaslin: Are you concerned about U.S. generals or other military personnel resigning or retiring earlier if Barack Obama does not deploy what they need in Afghanistan?
Rep. Paul Ryan: Sure, I think that’s a legitimate concern. The President does deserve time to think this through, but not, I think, a lot of time, only because right now we have a strategy that’s not working. Our generals are telling us that, that puts our soldiers at risk. So we have people over there who are at risk because they’re not being guided by a good strategy that keeps them safe, that gets this thing turned around. And if the president chooses just to not do that, but stay there, then I think you’ll see that kind of a thing happen, then you’ll see those kinds of resignations. I think the commanders in the field or the commanders at CentCom might conclude, ‘look, if you’re not going to give me what I need to win this war, why would I stay here and try to manage this war if I don’t think I can win it?’

If this comes to pass, Gore Vidal will probably declare it’s the first stage of his predicted military coup.


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