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George P. Bush, Ready to Run in Texas

Coming soon to a Texas ballot near you: George P. Bush — the fourth generation of the Bush family to seek statewide office, after great-grandfather Prescott, grandfather George Herbert Walker, and father Jeb and uncle George Walker Bush.

George Prescott Bush is gearing up to run for a little-known but powerful office in a state where his family already is a political dynasty and where his Hispanic roots could help extend a stranglehold on power Republicans have enjoyed for two decades.

The 36-year-old Fort Worth attorney says he is close to settling on campaigning for Texas land commissioner next year. He doesn’t expect to make up his mind until he knows what Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a fellow Republican, decides to do.

“We for sure are running, the question is the office,” Bush told The Associated Press during the first interview about his political future since filing paperwork in November to seek elected office in Texas.

Last summer, he chatted with Wolf Blitzer about the future of the Republican party and his political action committee, “MavPac.”


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