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Georgians in Tbilisi ‘Roar’ In Response to McCain’s Words

Beyond Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, our friends on the left keep believing that a Russian President’s statement that they are ceasing fire is the same as actually ceasing to fire. ThinkProgress declares, “The neocons have been eager to see U.S. military action against Russia in order to defend Georgia so it seems then that Medvedev’s announcement may come as sad news.”


Despite the televised order by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russia launched an offensive Tuesday in the Kodori Gorge in Abkhazia, sending in tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery.
Georgian troops were forced out of the area, their last stronghold in the separatist province, said Maj. Gen. Anatoly Zaitsev, a defense official in Abkhazia. The claim that Georgian forces were gone could not immediately be confirmed.

Also an interesting detail on CNN a moment ago: At a rally in Tbilisi today, Georgians “roared” when their president, Mikhil Saakashvili, repeated John McCain’s statement, “We are all Georgians today.”
Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the U.N., has repeated their “recommendation” that Saakahsvili step down.
UPDATE: At 6 p.m. Eastern, the Georgians and Russians announce a ceasefire has been reached.


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