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Gillespie: Crony Capitalism Hurts Workers More than Any Private Equity Firm

Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie just completed a conference call organized by the Romney campaign, arguing that the crony capitalism we’ve seen under Obama is a much greater threat to prosperity and the well-being of American workers than any private equity firms.

“In the private sector, they made decisions based on profit and loss and what’s going to create jobs and what’s going to work,” Gillespie said. “When you have this level of government involvement in our economy, Solyndra and the decisions on the auto layoffs, and you don’t have that transparency, you don’t know if there’s political influence – who gets a health care waiver and who doesn’t – they still don’t say how they make those decisions… That is a clear contrast, this crony capitalism that is rampant in this administration. It’s a real problem…”


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