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Gillespie: ‘This Is a Pattern’ of ‘Payoffs and Layoffs’

As mentioned in today’s Morning Jolt, the theme of the day/week from the Romney campaign is that “Obama’s friends got payoffs, more Americans got layoffs.”

They unveiled a new web video:

And former RNC chair and senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie held a conference call with reporters this morning. I asked him whether this message would break through the noise and reach voters who aren’t paying close attention to the news cycle:

Gillespie: I think voters have a sense, even those not engaged in the day to day, or following the blogs on the left or the right, but are following the campaign — maybe not as vigorously as some others in July. But I think there is a perception out there, rightfully so, that President Obama has not fulfilled his promise of changing the nature of Washington. There is a sense of Chicago-style politics that has been brought into Washington, D.C., and people are fed up with that.

They don’t want to see an economy where who you know is more important than what you know, where people who are connected get the benefits of these loan guarantees and waivers and grants and subsidies, and people who don’t hold fundraisers and don’t have the right connections don’t benefit. We’re facing record unemployment, 41 straight months above 8 percent.

So I think people are going to grasp this. It taps into, rightly, a viewpoint or perspective about this administration, this White House, and this president and that will reinforce these concerns. People have seen these stories over the past three and a half years, but they’ve been kind of scatter-shot. We’re laying it all out and saying, ‘this is a pattern, this is an approach to economic policy and government that is not good for our economy.’ It’s a clear contrast that voters in the middle will see and say, ‘that is a problem. We need to make a change here.’


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