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Gingrich’s Dry Spell Comes to an End!

The polls have closed in Georgia, and Newt Gingrich is the projected winner.

The victory ends a bit of a dry spell for the former speaker. Since winning South Carolina January 21, Newt has placed second in Florida with 31.9 percent and then shown a slow decline: 21.1 percent in the low-turnout Nevada caucuses (29 percentage points behind Romney), and then 10.8 percent in the nonbinding results in Minnesota, 12.8 percent in the nonbinding results in Colorado, 6.7 percent in Maine, 6.5 percent in Michigan, 16.2 percent in Arizona, and 10.3 percent in Washington.

Despite the recent spate of third- and fourth-place finishes, Newt has the second-most votes, with about 990,000 votes cast before today’s results. Santorum is just behind him with 959,000 votes.


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