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Globe-Trotting Mitt

According to Politico, Mitt Romney will be traveling overseas later this month: to London for the Olympics, to Israel and the Palestinian territories, and then to Germany and Poland.

This is probably a good move, and the timing is pretty normal for this campaign; in late July of 2008, then-Sen. Obama made his big globe-spanning trip: “Shortly after meeting with Karzai, Obama left Afghanistan to continue a trip that will take him to the Middle East and Europe. Obama will travel to Jordan, then visit Israel, Germany, France and England.”

While foreign affairs and national security are less salient issues than they were in 2008, there are some big issues that undoubtedly weigh heavily on the minds of some portions of the electorate: the so-called “Arab Spring” and its effects on the Middle East, the Iranian nuclear program, the sense that Russia and China now ignore the United States and do as they please against our interests, the sense that Europe is teetering on the brink of economic disaster, the continuing instability in Pakistan . . .


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