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Go Out and Make the Case You Believe In

A thought on the approach McCain takes tonight…

Whether or not you think Obama’s work for William Ayers is disqualifying or of minor concern, it’s tough to argue that the American people shouldn’t know about it. The press did not want to spend a millisecond more than they had to, and ignored that period of Obama’s life as much as possible. Now, with Sarah Palin bringing it up, the press is being forced to at least explain who Ayers is.

Losses never feel good. But it’s spectacularly frustrating if, as we were hearing at the end of last week, your preferred candidate is not willing to make the arguments that you want to hear. If the public rejects your argument, fine. But if your own candidate shies away from saying arguments because he fears they’re “too negative” or “too complicated” or fears that the opposition will call him racist, well… you end up with a full-throated argument against a half of an argument. You feel like you lost before you began because your argument never got a fair hearing.

It’s never fun to lose, but at the very least, your candidate owes you the courage to go out and say what he thinks, and what you think, and darn the consquences…


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