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The Good Guys Are Not Supposed to Hire the Bad Guys’ Lawyers

If the FBI’s Organized Crime Unit started taking advice from mob lawyers, you would be concerned.

If the SEC hired a bunch of lawyers who represented Enron and Bernie Madoff to set some policies, you would be worried.

If the EPA hired the lawyers who represented Joseph Hazelwood, captain of the Exxon Valdez, and put them in charge of pollution enforcement, you might furrow your brow.

If the Secret Service hired the legal counsel who represented the Salahis, you would begin to wonder what was going on.

So when the Department of Justice hires lawyers who represented al-Qaeda members, and Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to release that information, and forgets to mention his own work on behalf of Jose Padilla, who is suspected of plotting a dirty-bomb attack and was convicted on charges of conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim overseas, conspiracy to provide material support for terrorists, and one count of material support for terrorists . . . why are we supposed to shrug our shoulders and conclude, “No big deal”?

Is the phrase, “Al-Qaeda Seven” incendiary? Yes, but much less incendiary than the bombs and such that were the handiwork of the men these seven — perhaps, with Holder, it’s eight — lawyers defended.

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