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Good News for All Those Lincoln Chafee Fans in NRO’s Audience

With all of the obituaries written for the GOP in New England, it’s easy to forget that Rhode Island has a two-term, pro-life, tough-on-illegal-immigration Republican governor, Don Carcieri.

Carcieri is term-limited, and the GOP faces a tough road to holding the seat. Steve Laffey, the former mayor of Cranston who narrowly lost a primary challenge to Sen. Lincoln Chafee in 2006, was widely believed to be interested in running but decided against it, and a state representative who also heads the state GOP, Joseph Trillo, is thinking about a run.

However, a slew of Democrats are interested in the job, so there might be a chance for a messy primary.

A new factor that might make the race a bit more interesting is the potential independent bid of . . . former Republican-turned-independent senator Chafee. He’s filing the paperwork today.

When last we heard from Lincoln Chafee, he was heading up Republicans for Obama (even though he had left the party a while ago) and was volunteering to join a panel that would “reinvestigate” 9/11.

* UPDATE: This post originally said Laffey was considering a run; he has decided against one.


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