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Good News: Elizabeth Edwards Allows John To Go To NBA Finals

I watch this video snippet released by the Edwards campaign and I’m half very amused, half shaking my head saying it’s not presidential.

Edwards calls up Elizabeth, and says he needs advice. He has courtside tickets for the NBA finals, and he’s trying to decide whether to go, or to leave that evening for Iowa. Basically, he acknowledges, he’s asking for permission to go watch the Cavs and Spurs. She says yes. “That’s what I needed! That’s my girl!… I love you. (hangs up phone, to cameraman) That’s why I love her.”
Of course, having been hit for the huge house, the $400 haircut, and the $55,000 speaking fee, Edwards now tops it all off with courtside seats for the NBA finals.
Not that I blame him for going. But then again, I’m not trying to get elected president by touting myself as a savior of the downtrodden.

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