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Good Night, Chet.

I am told by a reliable source that the DCCC has canceled one week’s worth of ad purchases aimed at Texas’s 17th congressional district.

Good night, Chet, as in Chet Edwards.

This source also says the DCCC has canceled a week’s worth of scheduled ads in Terre Haute and Evansville, Indiana, which were aimed at Indiana’s 8th and 9th congressional districts. These are the district of incumbent Democrat Baron Hill and the open-seat race in the district previously represented by Brad Ellsworth.

Somehow it is fitting that a party so closely connected to mucking around with the health-care system would have to practice triage.

UPDATE: Baron Hill’s campaign writes in: 

I am the Communications Director for Baron Hill’s campaign in IN-09.  I am sending you a quick note because of a recent post in which you mentioned that an ad buy had been canceled in our district.  Although parts of our district do reach into the Evansville media market, we do not believe that any reservations were made on our behalf in Evansville.  As such, any change in a reservation in that market would not affect our campaign.  

But Reid Wilson of Hotline has more:


The DCCC’s separate political wings are engaged in their first argument over one of their vulnerable candidates as the independent expenditure division begins pulling back funding while the coordinated division is pouring more money into the race.

Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) is the source of the dispute. The committee’s independent expenditure wing has cancelled their advertising buys in the state’s 9th District for 2 weeks in mid-October. But the coordinated side, which is not allowed to discuss strategy with their independent expenditure counterpart, believes Hill is still deserving of spending.

The IE’s decision is a significant blow to Hill’s chances. While the independent expenditure side can spend unlimited amounts, the coordinated side of the DCCC can spend about $87K, according to FEC rules.


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