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A Good Night For Hillary’s Case for the Popular Vote

All numbers from CNN:
Hillary’s vote margin in Kentucky, with 100 percent reporting: 249,374.
Obama’s vote margin in Oregon, with 88 percent of precincts reporting: 94,668.
Hillary’s gain in the popular vote margin last night, as of now, no matter which states you count: 154,706.
According to the RealClearPolitics math, Hillary now leads if you count Florida and Michigan AND if you count the estimates of caucus states Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington. If you don’t count the caucus states, she leads by an even wider margin.

If you count Florida (where all of them were on the ballot) but not Michigan (where only she was), Obama leads by 146,786. Could she make that up in the remaining contests? There are two small, probably pro-Obama states (South Dakota and Montana) remaining and one pro-Hillary territory, Puerto Rico. The last one is an open primary (Operation Chaos!) with 2.4 million registered voters. By the way, the island had 81.7 percent turnout in the 2004 general election, and the one poll that has been done there put Hillary ahead by 13 percent.


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