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GOP Incumbent to Challenger: Get Specific About Obamacare

Yesterday I noted most top Democratic U.S. House challengers aren’t talking about Obamacare at all on their campaign web sites. Representative Michael Grimm (R., N.Y.) is nudging his opponent to start getting specific about Obamacare:

“They’re rearranging deck chairs as the Titanic is sinking – trying to make the ship look pretty, instead of getting people into lifeboats. Even more outrageous than Obamacare’s flaws is the hypocrisy from the left. Where is the ACLU fighting to protect the identity of those signing up on the unsecured website? Where is the outrage from the far left? If this were an NSA program to fight terrorism, groups would be out in full force protesting around the country,” Grimm said.

“It also begs the question, where is my phony baloney opponent on the issue? Domenic Recchia has been parading around spewing out regurgitated DCCC talking points, telling people what they want to hear, instead of talking to the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn who are losing their coverage, doctors, and their businesses on account of Obamacare,” Grimm said, blasting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee along with his opponent.

Recchia’s campaign spokeswoman, Ashleigh Owens, fired back.

“Michael Grimm’s childish name-calling behavior reflects the sad lack of leadership we have in congress today and is exactly why people want change and someone to represent them who is focused on delivering commonsense solutions to our problems,” she told

“Instead of voting over 40 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and sending us back to a time when insurance companies held all the cards and would deny people with pre-existing conditions coverage, let’s talk about how we can improve the law to work for everyone. Instead, of being the “Party of No” that throws temper tantrums and uses insults from the 1950s, let’s talk about the future and what matters to New Yorkers like how we’re going to create jobs, offer comprehensive immigration reform, and end gun violence in this country,” Owens told Politicker.

The GOP isn’t “The Party of No.” Read Tom Price, a doctor and GOP congressman, on the party’s ideas for health-care reform.

Notice the suggestion that an act of Congress could “end gun violence in this country.”

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