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GOP Mom, Expecting Devil, Finds Hillary a ‘Pleasant Surprise’

A lifelong Republican has been out on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton.

Mallozzi, a lifelong Republican from East Northport, never thought she’d be working for Clinton, or any Democrat, a few years ago. That was before she approached Clinton after a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Long Island in 2004 to talk about her then-3-year-old daughter Isabella, who suffers from an incurable but treatable brain malady called hydrocephalus.
“I’m not going to say I disliked Hillary, but I wasn’t an advocate,” said Mallozzi, 36, who was forced to cut her two-day visit to Iowa short due to a terrible cold. “The perception was that she was, you know, kind of remote. Let’s put it this way: a parent would make a deal with the devil to help their child, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was no reason for her to do as much as she did.”

She expected the devil, and was pleasantly surprised.
To me, that sounds like “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

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