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GOP Party Unity Just Can’t Take Root in Upstate New York, Can It?

Former congressman Christopher Lee took off his shirt, and shortly thereafter took off from Congress. As in previous special House elections in New York — we’ve already seen them in the state’s 20th district and 23rd district last cycle — there is no Republican primary; the chairs of the county parties gathered and made their selection.

The National Republican Congressional Committee statement on the nomination:

“Jane Corwin is a strong conservative candidate who has a proven record of creating jobs, fighting for lower taxes and promoting fiscal responsibility in Western New York. She understands that the best ideas come from outside Washington and so do the best candidates.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Andrea Bozek

Statement from Jane Corwin:

“I am humbled to receive the support of Western New York’s Republican leadership and I thank them for conducting this process in an open, fair and comprehensive manner considering the time constraints.

“As the 2nd most conservative member of the New York State Assembly in rankings by the New York State Conservative Party and the #1 Legislator in scoring by Unshackle Upstate, a New York reform organization, I know we need to slash federal spending, balance the budget, end the bailouts, take leftover money from the Obama stimulus package to pay down the deficit and support repealing Obamacare. 

“As someone who has run a business and created hundreds of private sector jobs in Western New York, I know that government only gets in the way of job growth. Fighting massive government expansion and runaway spending were two of the biggest reasons I entered public service a few years ago. Demanding fiscal responsibility in Washington and creating jobs in our communities in Western New York will be my priorities should I be this region’s Representative in Congress.”

Unsurprisingly, a selection by local party chairs is generating some rumbles of discontent. One reaction from TEA New York: “How sad, the GOP leaders stuck their finger high in the air and told the TEA Party to stick it. The have endorsed Corwin, they have now set their own table and invited a 3rd party candidate to challenge them for this congressional seat.”

But hey, what are the odds of divisions between establishment Republicans and conservative grassroots costing the GOP a House seat in upstate New York?


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