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GOP With Small But Consistent Lead in Colorado Early Vote

In Colorado, about 325,000 people have voted early as of October 24. According to the Secretary of State’s office, of those, 126,539 are registered Republicans, 120,965 are registered Democrats, and 75,030 are “unaffililiated,” with the remainder split up among Libertarians, Greens, etc.

Colorado Peak Politics claims to have a source with access to today’s figures, with significantly higher totals and a similar, slightly larger edge for the GOP:

  • R: 187,824 (39.7%)

  • D: 171,971 (36.3%)

  • U: 108,421 (22.9%)

They add that the Denver Post poll has Mitt Romney with a four percentage point edge among unaffiliated voters.

All in all, reason for cautious optimism about Colorado.


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