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GOP Turnout Way Ahead in Florida?

Can this be right?

In the GOP primary in Florida, a foregone conclusion for Rubio, 787,122 total votes cast.

In the Democratic primary, an actual competitive race between Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene, 489,384 total votes cast.

UPDATE: Similar disparity in the gubernatorial primaries, although my assumption is that you get more votes in more closely divided and harder-fought primaries:

Vote in GOP primary for governor:  806,123 total votes cast.

Vote in Democratic primary for governor: 469,230 total votes cast.

Were Republicans more interested in their gubernatorial primary than Democrats were in their senatorial primary?

ANOTHER UPDATE: On nights like tonight, a lot of my quick observations end up on Twitter before they end up here.

  • DNC chair Tim Kaine: “The president still has numbers most senators would like to have.” avg: 51.4% disapprove, 44.6% approve.

  • Larry King: “So, governor, where do you get your money from?” Charlie Crist: “The people, honestly, Larry.” #eyeroll

  • Is it my television or does Charlie Crist look Burnt Sienna tonight?

  • Were Fla. Republicans more interested in their contested gubernatorial primary than Fla. Democrats were in their Senatorial primary

  • Florida GOP gubernatorial primary: 806,123 total votes cast. In Democratic primary: 469,230 total votes cast.

  • In Florida’s eighth, it appears Daniel Webster will indeed be taking on the Devil, a.k.a., Alan Grayson.

  • Right now Jeff Greene is probably wondering, “Why did Rick Scott’s big money and negative ads work and mine didn’t?”

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