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GOP’s Tim Burns Rakes Mark Critz Over the Coals

Last night on Hannity, Tim Burns, the Republican running for the special election in John Murtha’s old district, made the case on coal:

[GUEST HOST TUCKER CARLSON:] So this is a district we’re hearing from Michael which is the biggest coal producing district in the country, got two of the biggest mines in the world. The Democratic Party has been pretty clear as a party in its opposition to coal. I mean it’s, you know, a cause of global o warming, they say. How can voters in your district who rely on coal for their jobs vote Democrat?

TIM BURNS: Well, it’s just what they’ve always done. They’ve voted Democrat because of John Murtha. But again, now that he’s gone, people realize that this district is literally the solution for America’s energy independence. Like you said, we have the two largest coal mines in the world. We sit on vast reserves of natural gas. My opponent worked to get cap-and-trade passed. But I can tell you that people in this district understand that not only would that be terrible for the country it would be devastating to western Pennsylvania.

They oppose it and, like I said, they want somebody that will go in there, that will stand up to Nancy Pelosi.

You know, and by the way, my opponent, he now says that — you know that he’s not liberal but yet he goes to Washington, D.C., he raises money with Nancy Pelosi. He brought Joe Biden in who says that he wants no more coal plants in America.

He’s raising money from the liberals to come back to the district to claim that he’s not one. It’s crazy.

I like one of Tim Burns’ slogans: “I don’t claim to know ‘how Washington works’ because I don’t believe that it does.”


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