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Governor Palin Not Certain to Run for Reelection in 2010?

CNN’s Peter Hamby reports that Sarah Palin taped an interview with that network and would not commit to running for governor again in 2010.

If that scenario comes to pass, I will be very, very surprised. There hasn’t been much polling of Palin up in Alaska, but one in March had her approval at nearly 60 percent and one in May at 54 percent. Despite the obvious appetite among Democrats to drive her from public office, no top-tier Democratic candidates have committed to challenging her, and the one poll conducted at the end of last year, putting her in a theoretical matchup with former governor Tony Knowles, showed her winning 55 percent to 38 percent. Many Alaska polticians in both parties are indicating that they’re interested in the job, but only if there’s an open seat race.


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