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At the conclusion of John McCain’s appearance on Meet the Press a few moments ago, David Gregory asked the senator if he would support his former running mate, Sarah Palin. McCain hedged, saying essentially that “it depends” and that the GOP has many promising rising stars, mentioning governors Jon Huntsman, Bobby Jindal, and Tim Pawlenty. He concluded by saying he would always have respect, admiration, and love for Palin and her family.

It wasn’t a “no,” but it really wasn’t a “yes,” either. There’s no law that says McCain has to support the bid of his former running mate . . . but she did do everything she could to get him elected last year.

UPDATE: Two very different reactions from readers:

It would be madness for McCain to support any candidate this early.  His answer was fine.  Can you name any failed presidential candidate who supported his running mate for President within a few months of losing?  Come on, leave McCain alone and don’t fan this stupid flame.

Or, alternatively . . .

Actually, he’s probably doing her a favor.


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