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Great Big Fundraising Wrapup, With Special Speculation on Matching Funds (UPDATED)

The third quarter numbers (some campaigns have not yet disclosed cash on hand):

Giuliani: $11 million raised this quarter. Cash on hand: $16 million. ($9 million of that can be spent in the primary.) About $43 million for the year.
Romney: $10 million in primary contributions this quarter, Romney also loaned his campaign $8.5 million. $9 million cash on hand, all of which can be spent in the primary. $62 million raised this year.Thompson: $8 million for the quarter, with $11.5 million for the year. (UPDATE: Fred’s people have revised the numbers up to $9.3 million.)
McCain: Around $6 million raised this quarter, $3.6 million cash on hand, debt of $1.5 million. $30 million for the year, by my count.
Huckabee: Around $1 million last quarter. $600,000 cash on hand. $2.3 million for the year.
Ron Paul: $5 million for the quarter, around $5.3 million cash on hand, about $8 million for the year.

Among the Democrats:

Hillary: $27 million, $22 for the primary, total for year was $62 million, with an additional $10 million transferred from Senate campaign
Obama: $20 million in the third quarter, $19 million for the primary, close to $80 million for the year
Edwards: $7 million in the third quarter, $30 million for the year
Richardson: $5.2 million in the third quarter, about $18 million for the year
Biden: Just under $2 million in the third quarter, $6.4 million for the year

Dodd: $1.5 million in the third quarter, $4 million cash on hand, $8.8 million for the year

I talked about the numbers with Tony Fabrizio, one of the few high-profile GOP consultants currently unaffiliated with any presidential campaign.
“As much as we’d like to ignore this, we are still getting outraised hugely by the Democrats – I challenge you to go back in history and find when the Democratic party’s candidates are outraising ours so dramatically. That says something. Think about it this way – if you take Rudy, Thompson and throw in Ron Paul, that’s almost what just Hillary raised. Our guys are just not generating the type of cash the other side is.
Fabrizio attributes the disparity to “a combination of several things – one, none of these guys are saying anything that excites anyone.”
“The issue environment is warming the Democratic donors up — they are hyper-activated. Nobody on our side is pushing the right buttons – we have donors who are not just not giving to candidates, they’re not giving to the party committees, the House committee, the Senate committee. It’s a party-wide problem… The party faithful are disenchanted – the immigration fight didn’t help, they’re disenchanted about government spending, they’re disenchanted because think the Republicans lost their way in 2006, some are disenchanted about the war.”
On Huckabee, Fabrizio concludes, “If this was his quarter where he was going to stand out from the crowd – if he had put up Ron Paul numbers, people would have said, ‘okay, we have a new contender.’ Now they’re only going to be looking for him out the corner of their eyes. With that type of candidate, he can present a challenge, but you have to have money to feed the beast. Have to be able to run ads, turnout mail, turnout calls. Having $600 grand ain’t going to cut it.”
Perhaps most intriguing is the bonanza that matching funds could provide for certain campaigns that had been largely written off.
“McCain filed for matching funds, and he’s qualified for $6 million based on what he raised before this quarter,” Fabrizio said. “Then he raises $6 million this quarter. How much of that is in small donations? My guess is a lot. For small dollar contributions, the FEC matches up to $250. Getting 10 people to give $250 is better than one person giving $2300. You can double your money if the contributions are right.”
Fabrizio speculated that McCain could qualify for another $3 million in matching funds. “That gives him $9 million he hasn’t gotten or spend yet… You give him $9 million today on top of $3.5 in cash, that gives him $12.5 million – Giuliani’s only got $16 million on hand!”


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