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Great Mayor, Less Than Ideal Marital Character Witness

Rudy Giuliani is on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, talking about the fate of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. Giuliani mentions that a lot of it comes down to performance. One of the other guests mentioned that a CEO who behaved like Sanford did would be replaced by the company’s board quickly; Giuliani said he wasn’t so sure; he said a lot had to do with performance, and he could think of at least three executives who were in a similar spot to Sanford. (He didn’t elaborate; did he mean adultery, or suddenly disappearing for a few days?) He also noted the example of a baseball player in New York who was caught using drugs fifteen years ago; when he returned, the fans applauded. “I said, ‘if that guy had been hitting .240, he would have been out of there.’” (Fifteen years ago — I’m guessing Darryl Strawberry?)

Asked whether the forgiveness-depends-on-performance mentality was right, Giuliani said, “it’s just reality.”


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