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A Grim Morning For Hillary

I awaken to find a pretty darn lousy scenario for Hillary Clinton: a 2-point win in Indiana, a 14-point loss in North Carolina.

On CNN right now, the Obama surrogate Joe Andrew is emphasizing that Rush Limbaugh provided the margin of victory for Hillary in Indiana.
James Carville looks uncomfortable, and a little irked. He mentions Florida and Michigan obsessively, and says, “you have to run to the nomination, not from the nomination.” He argues she may win 6 of the final 7 contests. Not quite easy to see that scenario… I thought South Dakota and Montana were considered more likely to be Obama states.
Andrew enjoys using that homespun cliche, “that dog won’t hunt.”
UPDATE: Drudge’s caption under a photo of Obama: “THE NOMINEE.”
Howard Wolfson: “I can’t count the number of times pundits have counted out Hillary Clinton…”
He acknowledges that Hillary has to do well in the remaining contests, and that (once again) delegations from Florida and Michigan ought to be seated, and seated in a manner that reflects the votes in those states.
Any chance for Hillary in Oregon? Three polls since April began, two by SurveyUSA, one by Rasmussen. Obama by 10, Obama by 6, Obama by 12.
The problem for her is, she’s going to get brutal coverage between now and then. 

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