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Guess Who’s Thinking of a Comeback in Louisiana?

Ace notes, accurately, that this is one of the gloomiest times of the year by most of the usual standards — miserable weather, the big holidays have passed, the credit-card bill for that Christmas shopping is due, short days, the NFL season is over for most of our teams, and the fun of spring training and March Madness is still a few months away.

So today’s Morning Jolt is a special ALL-CHEERY edition, featuring news like this . . . 

Aiming to Move From the Big House to the U.S. House

Great news, Louisiana Democrats! Guess who’s not denying rumors of a political comeback?

Former Gov. Edwin W. Edwards said Thursday he hasn’t decided whether he will run for Congress next year, adding he didn’t want to comment on a report by the conservative website The Hayride that his camp is eying Louisiana’s 6th District.

“I don’t have any comment at this time,” Edwards, 86, told | The Times-Picayune on Thursday. The two-time congressman, who went on to serve an unprecedented four terms as Louisiana’s governor, said he has received “a lot of encouragement” from supporters who want him to run for some kind of office.

If that name seems only vaguely familiar, perhaps this will refresh your memory:

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards has been released from federal prison and moved to a halfway house, after serving eight years for a corruption conviction. Edwards went to jail in October 2002 on a 10-year sentence for a bribery and extortion scheme to rig Louisiana’s riverboat casino licensing process during his final term in office.

Edwin Edwards: Because Washington doesn’t need any more amateur crooks.

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