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Haley Barbour: No Presidential Bid Decisions Before Spring

Sounds like “spring” is the psychological deadline for gubernatorial potential presidential contenders: First Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, now Haley Barbour, speaking to a Mississippi television station:

While addressing Republicans in Baltimore for the annual Grand Old Party conference, Barbour said he is focused on fulfilling his job as governor and will not yet make an announcement about his presidential plans.”As far as running for president, I’ve said I’m not going to make any decision about that until the spring. I’ve got a budget to do and a legislative session (to attend). I’m going to get through my day job before I think about looking for the next job,” Barbour said.


The Dossier Deceit

The Dossier Deceit

John Durham’s latest indictment reinforces that the Russian collusion conspiracy was built on a preposterous foundation.

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