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Is the Hare Cooked?

The problem with this cycle is that early in the year, you pick an upset special that almost no else has noticed or is paying attention to, and then by the time Labor Day rolls around, nobody’s surprised to see the challenger ahead.

Over in Illinois’s 17th congressional district:

Total Overall    
(D) Phil Hare 38.41% 9.60% 73.09% 22.63%
(R) Bobby Schilling 41.15% 79.66% 8.75% 44.41%
(G) Roger Davis 3.85% 1.13% 2.84% 7.82%
(Some folks say the tables are loused up, although it looks fine in my browser. Overall, Republican Schilling leads, 41.15 percent to 38.41 percent with the Green party nominee getting just under 4 percent. Both have 70some percent of their parties; independents prefer Schilling to Hare at a 2-to-1.
I’m telling you, folks, this really was a long-shot at one point. 


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