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Harry Reid . . . Poll Leader?

Sigh. In this morning’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, Harry Reid has a lead.

The only silver lining for fans of Angle is that Reid is only at 44 percent, one point over his previous high. That’s still pretty lousy for a well-known incumbent.

Earlier in the week, after I mentioned some Republican grumbling about Angle, a reader wrote in:

We’ve tried for years with Collinses and Hatches and McCains and Snowes and a host of others who fear their fate too much.  Isn’t it time to put it unto the touch?  With Angle, a win’s a win.  With the kind of candidates you’re advocating, a win is still a loss.

This is all moot, but neither Sue Lowden nor Danny Tarkanian is comparable to a Collins or a Snowe, or even a McCain or a Hatch, I would argue. And if Harry Reid wins, it’s a loss for conservatives. Period.


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