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Harry Reid’s Campaign Paid His Granddaughter $31,000 for ‘GIfts’

As mentioned in my last two appearances on Greta Van Susteren’s show, at least once a month Harry Reid does something or says something that would get the average Republican thrown out of office:

Now there’s a big new one, Jon Ralston reports: Reid’s campaign has spent $31,000 on various “thank-you gifts” for donors and “trinkets,” paid to his granddaughter.

Over in the House, the rules don’t quite prohibit this, but they do discourage it and establish certain rules:

At times a family member of a Member wishes to sell certain goods or services to the Member’s campaign.

Such a transaction is permissible under the House Rules only if (1) there is a bona fide campaign need for the goods, services, or space, and (2) the campaign does not pay more than fair market value in the transaction. Whenever a Member’s campaign is considering entering into a transaction with either the Member or one of his or her family members, it is advisable for the Member to seek a written advisory opinion on the transaction from the Standards Committee.

If a Member’s campaign does enter into such a transaction with the Member or a member of his or her family, the campaign’s records must include information that establishes both the campaign’s need for and actual use of the particular goods, services or space, and the efforts made to establish fair market value for the transaction.

We’ll see if the Senate Select Committee on Ethics — chaired by Senator Barbara Boxer — even bothers to look at this.

The RNC smells blood in the water:

No one will fire Reid, of course; the only chance he’ll lose the title of “Senate Majority Leader” is if Republicans control the Senate next year.

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