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Has Rep. Jan Schakowsky Read the Twitter Feed of Her Political Director?

One of my readers, C. Johnson, notices the Twitter feed of Alex Armour, political director for Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois. He sometimes is mentioned in stories such as this:

Rep Schakowsky is also known as a strong supporter of Jewish causes. According to her political director, Alex Armour, she has shown unwavering support for Jewish causes and for Israel.

He also, apparently, is a vehement critic of opponents of the Ground Zero mosque. On his Twitter feed he declares

impressed by Obama’s diplomacy this evening. What I wouldve said:Let me be clear: youre all f***ing dumba**es who havent read the 1st amndmt

Except he doesn’t use asterisks.

He also Tweets, “Pat Quinn’s new TV spot. Highlighting how Republicans are total DBs.”

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean defensive backs.

This is mixed among garden-variety campaign Tweets like, “Jan Schakowsky’s Pro-Israel Record.”

Class act you have there, Rep. Schakowsky. (I suppose he may try to remove the Tweets, but I saved the screen shots.)


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