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Helping Pimps, Murder, Bragging About Senators

For much of the day, I’ve wondered what, Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles, and James O’Keefe and the gang were going to do for an encore. They had to have already revealed all the good stuff, right?

How about a murder confession and boasts of ties to Senator Boxer?

10:54am: As the audio continues, James divulges his aspirations to run for an elected office someday. In enthusiastic response, Theresa says she speaks with Congressman and Senators every day. She names Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator McCleod, and 62nd district Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter. Theresa says that “Eden’s” prostitution money would be an asset to him in his quest to become a Senator or Representative.

11:01am: Regarding the legislators that she speaks with, Theresa says that they (most likely herself and their ACORN office) are lobbying these law makers in behalf of health care reform. Apparently, this “non-partisan” organization that gets government money for housing assistance is using tax dollars for health care lobbying.

11:15am: Theresa discloses that her ex-husband abused her and “beat the hell out of” her. She then continues to confess, “I killed him . . . . I shot him.” She notes that she had laid some “groundwork” beforehand. When James and Hannah question her as to whether he was abusing her when she killed him, she says that he was not at that moment, but she knew he was going to, she said, “I knew it was coming.”

I’m floored.


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