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Hey, At Least This Guy Kept All His Fingers

I’m hearing this video described as “an assault” and “accosting” of a skeptic by supporters of Creigh Deeds. I think both are a bit overdramatic, but it does show the nervous message control on the part of the Deeds folks:

It’s a free country, and if a guy wants to wave a “What about taxes?” sign behind Deeds, let him; no twerp on the Deeds campaign has the right to try to knock it down.

Of course, this raises another point about egregious coverage from folks like the Washington Post’s Virginia desk. In a sane world, the poor judgment of a Deeds supporter would be a non-issue. But since we know that if the parties were reversed, we would have front-page stories about the brutality of Bob McDonnell’s jackbooted inquisitors, it’s tough to ignore this, even though it isn’t terribly reflective of Deeds or the kind of placeholder governor he would make.


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