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Hey, ‘Medium’? I Think Your Latest Episode Wasn’t Well Done

I had heard about the episode of NBC’s psychic drama Medium that featured an Arizona (state) senator who’s a former POW who just happens to also be a cannibal.

I hadn’t heard that the character, played by Gregory Itzin, who played President Charles Logan on 24 was named… “Jed Garrity.”
I suppose it’s entirely possible that it’s a coincidence that the name of this villainous righty character, whose biography sounds a lot like that of John McCain, sounds a lot like the name of a not-terribly-well-known righty blogger.
I’m just noticing that they could just have easily called him… I don’t know, “Jarkos Goulitsas.”
And here I thought any reference to me in a pop culture setting would be as a quickly-eaten character in an Anne Rice novel.


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