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Hillary Isn’t Playing the Experience Card Quite Right.

My friend Marshall, who’s run a campaign or two in his time, contends “building her campaign around ‘experience’ will turn out to be Senator Clinton’s greatest blunder.”

I’m not sure; I thought the Saturday Night Live sketch taking the 3 a.m. concept and running with it was so brutally funny and effective, that Team Hillary might as well run that in Pennsylvania and the remaining states.
I would argue that Hillary is using her “experience” card the wrong way. She shouldn’t try to contend that she managed peace in northern Ireland, or stood up to the Chinese in a world-changing manner.
But she can say that she knows that the hardest job in the world entails, because she was there, right by Bill’s side, every step of the way. Something akin to, “Who did he talk to in the middle of the night after he took military action in Kosovo?” (Stop snickering about Monica.) “Who sat with him during the long silences on the way to the Oklahoma City bombing memorial services? When he was attacked by his own party for signing welfare reform, who told him to stand fast, that he was doing the right thing?* Who saw the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, who saw the pressures of the job, who witnessed what eight years of making decisions, 24-7, can do to a person? Barack Obama’s a good man who thinks he knows what he’s in for. But you never understand it unless you’ve been there.”
* I say this aware that the evidence that Hillary Clinton supported welfare reform is sketchy at best. But truth isn’t really that relevant when it comes to arguments on behalf of her campaign. 

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