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Hillary, Ready To Respond to Bush on Health Care, Briefly Address Hsu

Hillary Clinton is about to respond to President Bush’s criticism of her health care plan on CNN.

When they cut to her before the commercial break, I must say she looked… not well. Not in bad spirits, she was smiling, but I would say older than she usually looks.
Bush said this morning that he would veto the proposed expansion of S-CHIP beyond its target base of children in low-income families.
Hillary: [Bush’s criticism] is neither fair nor reflective of bipartisan support this program has… While the president’s been in office, we’ve had 1 million children lose their health coverage.. He is walking away from taking care of our children… Name calling and calling it ‘government run health care’ is not only wrong, but does a great disservice to the people of this congress who are working on a bipartisan basis.This is a president who has really broken faith with the states. This system is a partnership between the federal and state governments. He can go out with me and meet the families that have lost their health insurance. Some of these families are making $40,000, $45,000 per year. Yes, they live in a high-income place, and they’re just over the line to qualify for Medicaid.
Asked about Hsu, Clinton responded, “Unfortunately, none of us caught this. This happens to a lot of campaigns. A lot of investors made investments with him that don’t look like they were handled properly. The system of justice will work its course, and I think that’s appropriate.”

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