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Hillary: We Must Topple the 1 Percent.

The New York Times this morning:

In a meeting with economists this year, Mrs. Clinton intensely studied a chart that showed income inequality in the United States. The graph charted how real wages, adjusted for inflation, had increased exponentially for the wealthiest Americans, making the bar so steep it hardly fit on the chart.

Mrs. Clinton pointed at the top category and said the economy required a “toppling” of the wealthiest 1 percent, according to several people who were briefed on Mrs. Clinton’s policy discussions but could not discuss private conversations for attribution.

“Topping the wealthiest 1 percent”! Admittedly, Hillary Clinton — estimated net worth $200 million, who gives speeches to Goldman Sachs for $400,000 — does have a lot of experience with toppling things, considering how the new Libyan government, the relatively pro-American Egyptian government, and portions of the Syrian and Iraqi government control toppled on her watch . . . 

The Toppler.


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