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Hillary’s Campaign Brags About Her Lead in Polls

Hillary’s campaign is quick to point to the new AP poll:

In the first national poll taken completely after the speeches in Selma, Hillary Clinton is the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination with 38% of the vote of Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents, to 21% for Barack Obama, 14% for Al Gore and 10% for John Edwards, according to a just released AP/Ipsos poll of over 1000 Americans released today. The poll was conducted Monday through Wednesday. The 17 point margin represents a tic up from two polls that had the margin at 12%.
In the AP/Ipsos poll, Clinton has more of the vote than the next two Democratic candidates combined. In addition, according to the poll, Clinton leads her closest Democratic competitor among voters who say honesty, strong character, compassion, intelligence and stance on issues matter most.
Honesty was listed as the most important character trait by 41 percent of voters (open-ended).  In all, 55 percent said honesty, integrity and other values of character were most important, compared with one-third who said stance on issues is most important.

I wonder how different the numbers would have been without Gore included (seems to dilute the not-Hillary vote, no?). And the tone of this “look at our big lead” release seems to be that “we’re inevitable, we’re inevitable, get used to it,” tone that is aggrivating Democrats who find her lacking. I wonder if she would be better off saying, “I’m in it to win it, and I’m going to demonstrate that I am, hands down, the best choice for this party in 2008. By the time this race is through, every Democrat will see that clearly.”
Then again, I saw “300″ last night, so I’d love to see a candidate bellow out, Leonidas-like….
“You want this nomination? Come and take it!”


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