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Hillary’s Lost 13 Points in Her Approval Rating This Year?

The Gallup polling organization offers it’s wrap-up of the campaign so far, and notes this somewhat surprising bit of data about the New York Senator:

Clearly, Clinton is the best-known candidate at this point, with nearly 100% name ID. When asked to comment on Clinton’s attributes, voters are especially likely to give her credit for her knowledge and expertise. Her long and highly visible political background also has a downside, as some voters cite her political “baggage” as a reason they would not vote for her. She is also less likely than Obama to be seen as likable. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is seen as an asset to a Hillary Clinton presidency rather than a detriment, even among Republicans. Clinton’s image has fluctuated considerably over the 14 years since her husband first entered the White House. Earlier this year, her favorable ratings reached 58%, but by mid-April they had dropped to 45%.

Is that the effect from the Obama Apple ad? A shift from voters reacting to a theoretical Hillary run to an actual Hillary campaign?
I guess it’s a reflection of how Joe and Jane Voter differ from political geeks like, well, probably you and certainly me. Our opinion of political figures probably doesn’t change all that much from month to month; we know the candidates, listen to them, read about them, and have a pretty concrete idea of whether we like them or not. The average guy or gal out there, maybe not.


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