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Is Hillary’s Plan Really Like Romney’s? Or Is The Globe Grinding Its Axe?

Man, the Boston Globe hates Mitt Romney. Check out this headline:

In ways, Clinton healthcare plan resembles Romney’s Mass. solution

The article tries to make Massachusetts’ plan sound even more bureaucratic and heavy-handed than Hillary’s proposal:

There are a few differences between Clinton’s plan and the law Romney signed. Even though Romney said Clinton’s plan is inspired by “European bureaucracies,” it does not open any new government agency, according to the campaign, unlike the Massachusetts law, which created the Health Connector to help uninsured people obtain insurance. Massachusetts also does not provide subsidies to small employers to help them provide insurance, as Clinton’s plan would.
Romney yesterday pointed out that Clinton’s plan depends on tax hikes; to pay for her proposal, she would end some of the Bush tax cuts for those who earn more than $250,000 a year. The Massachusetts plan did not rely on increased state taxes; instead, it redirected federal dollars, fees on hospitals, and other money that had been subsidizing care for the uninsured.

If you read the Campaign Spot yesterday, you would know that while Hillary claimed she wouldn’t create a new bureaucracy or agency, the need to track and watch every American to ensure that they are part of a health care plan will almost certainly mean a massive expansion of current bureaucracies or agencies, if not the creation of a separate one. At this point, the question is only does the office get a new name, or just remain part of the old one.
Having said all that, the Globe article concludes with this unfortunate gaffe by Romney:

Romney called his press conference to assail Clinton’s plan in front of St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan; he did not realize he was speaking in front of a trauma center named for a rival, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who, along with his wife, Judith, raised millions for the hospital.
The hospital scolded Romney for speaking there without its permission.
“We find it unfortunate that Mr. Romney misappropriated the image and good will of St. Vincent’s Hospital to further a political agenda,” the hospital said in a statement.

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