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Hillary’s System Probably Let Obama’s E-Mails Get Hacked. Probably.

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt:

Hillary’s System Probably Let Obama’s E-Mails Get Hacked. Probably.

Let’s review.

1. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded e-mails while she was secretary of state.

2. The communications of the U.S. secretary of state would be an extremely high-value target for foreign intelligence services.

3. Hillary’s e-mail system uses “obsolete and insecure” protocols and earned an overall F rating for security. We already know about one mostly mischievous hacker who broke into Hillary’s account in 2013. If he could do it, it seems like a safe bet that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, or others could do it.

Conclusion: Because of Hillary Clinton’s decision to use her own server and e-mail system instead of the official State Department systems, she exposed the president’s personal e-mails to her and his e-mail address.

If that likely scenario is the case, maybe this explains why President Obama, David Axelrod, congressional Democrats, and other liberals aren’t rushing to Hillary Clinton’s aid in this accelerating scandal. She’s actually fouled things up on a scale so serious and consequential, not even they can excuse it or forgive it.

Remember, the most recent spin from Team Hillary is that this is “all about nothing.” If the spin isn’t even remotely plausible, it isn’t really a good lie.

Meanwhile, the government accountability group Cause of Action made three new FOIA requests regarding HRC’s email use.

One is being sent to the State Department’s inspector general, asking for all documents relating to any review, audit, or investigation, whether merely considered, ongoing, or completed, concerning Secretary’s Clinton’s compliance with electronic record-keeping requirements and use of personal devices for agency business.

The group is also asking for “all documents, including but not limited to electronic communications, including any person at the White House, the U.S. Department of State, the Clinton Family Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation, referring or relating to any document in the request above.”

A spokesman for Cause of Action writes, “It’s clear that the White House, including President Obama, knew Secretary Clinton was using a non-government email address. The key question we’re asking is, did the White House ever do anything about it?”


“We now know that the president was communicating with Secretary Clinton via an unsecured email address, but we don’t know whether or not the White House did anything about it,” said Cause of Action President Dan Epstein. “We intend to get an answer to that question, as well as a series of others.”

The FOIAs, which are directed at the State Department, the State Department IG and the National Archivist, also attempt to unearth the following:

Did Secretary Clinton ignore records management training or guidance?

Was the State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset (SMART) system used by the State Department removed from Secretary Clinton’s computer or mobile device?

Was Secretary Clinton granted any waivers pertaining to the SMART system or the Federal Records Act?

Now the question is, does that FOIA request get a response before the end of Obama’s presidency?


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