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Hire Someone for a Year, and Congress Will Give You a Whole $1,000!

I concur with Hugh. The congressional answer to high unemployment is to offer a $1,000 tax credit if you keep the employee one year, and this indicates that no one on Capitol Hill knows anything about running a business.

As the New York Times noted, under the byzantine rules of unemployment insurance in Illinois, hiring someone

makes it entirely possible that a business can be taxed more than $20,000 – $531 multiplied by 26 weeks multiplied by 1.48 – for someone who is employed by the business for as few as 30 days.

Hiring someone costs money, well beyond their salary. By one measure,

One major company discovered their costs to replace individuals in one job category was alarmingly high. They calculated the cost to replace one Customer Service Representative earning $18,000 annually was nearly $58,000!

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