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From the Home Office in Tacoma, Washington . . .

Pierce County councilmember and congressional candidate Dick Muri writes in with the Top Seven reasons he’s going to beat Adam Smith in Washington’s 9th congressional district:

1. The national mood has turned against incumbents, especially long-term liberal incumbents.

2. Adam Smith was on the forefront of the national health-care debate and his vote for Obamacare despite the 2 to 1 opposition from his constituents.

3. Adam Smith has not had a local elected official with a significant constituent base run against him. The 9th District is 40 percent Pierce County, an area where I will probably beat him by high single digits at the polls.

4. The 9th District is the third highest of 435 in the percentage of its voters who are veterans. I have been very active and visible in the veteran community.

5. We have run both a traditional and non-traditional campaign. We have focused on dominating the social media through our use of Facebook!

6. We have raised $168,000 from 2,044 local contributors. No PACs! Just people!

7. Adam Smith’s voting record, as measured by the American Conservative Union, has been more liberal than Seattle’s Congressman Jim McDermott these past two years: McDermott voted the conservative position on 3 out of 50 votes, Smith only 1. Voters are starting to take notice of the inconsistency of Smith’s “I am a moderate independent” rhetoric and his voting record.

Why a Top Seven list and not Top Ten? Because Dick Muri is so serious about cutting unnecessary spending, he started by lopping off 30 percent.

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